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Solutionist Thinkers Group started on the 1st of April 2019, after a vast number of Black and Indian private healthcare practitioners felt aggrieved to address a long standing phenomenon of racial profiling by medical aid schemes.

This phenomenon has raised its ugly head in more than one form which are illegal audits and irregularities in validating claims paid to the healthcare service providers. This challenge has dire consequences to many Black and Indian healthcare service providers, as a matter of fact many had committed suicide, some has lost income, their private practices had been closed down, their houses had been repossessed, some of them, children are out of school due to affordability, some are currently depressed due to the unfairness and exploitation in managing the process of validation of claims.

Apart from the struggles faced by Black and Indian healthcare practitioners, members of the medical aids are also affected in many ways which are indicated in a problem statement below.  

The organization is currently operating in Gauteng province and consists of 200 members across the country. The focus is to address discrepancies found in Section 59 of the Medical Aid Schemes Act and medical aids policies versus, ethical considerations of the private healthcare practitioners and Chapter 2 of the South African constitution.

The organization also seeks to work together with medical aids in order to promote social justice and a democratic approach with elements of inclusivity and a three tier active participation in decision making and design of medical aid policies. Solutionist Thinkers Group also looks at how to contribute towards solutions in the private healthcare sector in South Africa. The organization believes that addressing economic divides and past economic barriers can lead to effective and productive results where everyone in the equation is a winner.

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