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Events and achievements

  1. Breaking the silence of Black and Indian healthcare practitioners on the Morning Live SABC 2 by        Solutionist Thinkers Group in May 2019 after writing to many media houses requesting their intervention.

  2. Minister of Health Dr. Motsoaledi was invited by all media houses for interviews to intervene in the plight of private healthcare practitioners in SA.

  3. All medical aids were interviewed individually.

  4. CMS media interviews (Dr. Sipho Kabane CEO of the council for medical aid schemes)

  5. The CMS commission enquiry started on the 29 July 2019 by Adv. Ngcukaitobi and his team, and Solutionist opened the platform.

  6. End of May 2019 we as Solutionist Thinkers Group had a march at Discovery head quarters in Sandton

  7. September 17, 2021 we as Solutionist Thinkers Group had a 2nd march demanding Radical change from CMS at their offices in Centurion.

  8. See videos, pictures, audio tapes and transcripts below

Upcoming events

Mediation with Solutionist Thinkers Group and medical aids

Continuous process of unblocking of healthcare practitioners

Formation of healthcare practitioner’s ethics committee

Solutionist Thinkers Group September 17 2021 March

Solutionist Thinkers Group September 17 2021 March

On the 17th of September 2021Solutionist Thinkers Group took to streets with CMS who refused to call schemes and black providers together in paving an interim plan after couple of deliberations Solutions took begging CMS's intervention this video is a document of the events that took place that day. Following the Section 59 investigation interim report in January 2021. There were damning findings which forms part of the terms of reference for the Section 59 investigation 1. Is there any racial profiling of the healthcare professionals of color? 2. Is Section 59 implemented proper during the validation of claims submitted by healthcare providers? 3. Is the 15% allegedly wasted by healthcare providers as FWA the correct%? 4. Are the processes conducted by medical schemes of executing criminal justice all in one a correct procedure to be followed when validating claims? 5. Is confidentiality of patients respected. The interim report brought about the following damning findings: There is a systematic racism between black and white practitioners with far reaching consequences, being financially and emotionally among blacks being audited by 200% compare to their white counter parts. Schemes could not back up their allegations that FWA by blacks is 15% while the results of the investigation confirmed FWA committed by blacks as 3%. It was also confirmed that schemes demand clinically confidentiality of patients which is unethical. CMS was criticized grossly for neglecting their regulatory mandate which points to flawed implementation of Section 59. Solutionist Thinkers Group as leading association into this investigation, demanded CMS to come up with an interim plan as the commission recommended CMS and the schemes to start with the process of fixing issues between the schemes and healthcare providers. However, following couple deliberations of Solutionist demanding CMS to facilitate some of the recommendation or come up with the interim plan. CMS refused to take any action, while unfair audits and extortion of money from black providers continued. Solutionist Thinkers Group took it to the street in September 2021 marching to CMS demanding that they should call the schemes with black providers to discuss an interim plan. CMS remained silent or unwilling to intervene. Solutionist Thinkers Group believe CMS sleep with the schemes and they have a proof which they are willing to present it before the final report commission and press. Solutionist is very much against the definition of FWA which only talk about the blacks being responsible and forsaking the corruption, racketeering, money laundering and many other crimes committed by the schemes and CMS remain quiet about it. Solutionist will not 🛑 marching until justice is served.
Discussion | Discovery march
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